Magic Pocket Talisman Imbued with Binding Love Spells


Pocket talismans are perhaps one of the most popular mystical items in Indonesia. Indeed, due to the relatively small size and measurements pocket talismans are very convenient for every day wear. Hence, as the name already suggests, Indonesians often like to keep this type of talisman in their pocket, or put it in their wallet or bag.

Magic Pocket Talisman

This particular pocket talisman features several ancient Arabic formulas on either side. A blessing ritual was performed to consecrate the pocket talisman according authentic Javanese mystical tradition. The talisman is specifically designed to prevent or stop one’s partner from committing adultery. The targeted person will lose the desire to cheat on his or her partner. Due to the loss of interest in extramarital affairs, the person thus only desires to be together with one’s partner.

Magic Pocket Talisman for Love

For this reason, it is an effective charm that can be used to recover an unhappy marriage. In addition, the pocket talisman yields magic powers to strengthen an existing love relationship. Since it is a love charm, the strong mystical powers of the talisman can also be targeted at a specific person whom one wishes to attract. This can be achieved through ritual prayer whilst holding the talisman in one’s hands. After one has formulated one’s heartfelt desires, one should take a deep breath, and then blow out the air onto the talisman whilst focusing on the object of one’s desires. As a result, the targeted person becomes enchanted; i.e. s/he falls helplessly in love with you. The person will feel a strong desire to be with you, because s/he cannot stop thinking about anyone else but you. This, of course, helps to establish and to ensure a peaceful, harmonious, and loving partnership based on mutual trust.

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