Magic Pocket Locket including Islamic Spell Booklet with Arabic Mantras to Divert the Evil Eye and to Ensure Success in Romance, Family Life and Profession


In everyday life, certain situations can occur in which people suddenly might start to feel uneasy in regard to the amulets and talismans they are carrying with them in public, especially when they are wearing taweez which are covered with Islamic spells all over. Indeed, some mystical objects are so powerful that the featured spells can easily attract unwanted attention from the evil eye. If a person is unaware of the potential dangers of the evil eye, then this can cause him or her harm, illness and bad luck in general. One of the most powerful means of protection against the evil eye – and indeed all other forms of danger – is tasmiyya; i.e. recitation of the Basmala prayer (Bismillāhi Raḥmāni Raḥīmi: “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful”). Hence, the magic pocket locket is covered with Arabic calligraphy of the Basmala.

Magic Pocket Locket

However, the core element of this sacred pocket talisman can be found not on the exterior surface but on the inside. When one opens the locket one will find that it conceals a folded booklet comprising thirty pages of handwritten spells of traditional Indonesian Islamic magic. The front and back cover of the booklet is decorated with calligraphic names of Allāh and His Messenger Muḥammad. Next, the first three pages depict a ferocious Javan panther, serving as a spiritual protector of the sacred content. After that comes the main content of the booklet; i.e. an exclusive set of ancient Arabic mantras followed by Islamic geometric squares and several other mystical patterns.

Magic Pocket Locket with Islamic Spell Booklet

Thus, with its folded paper spells, the magic pocket locket has the ability to induce mercy, bring good luck and to repel all evil. Apart from these virtues, the amulet also is empowered with mystical properties aimed at enhancing the wearer’s physical attraction, which automatically boosts the person’s charisma and improves his or her love life and social relationships. Moreover, due to the profound magical qualities of occult incantations that were used during the consecration of this Islamic taweez, any obstacle in life is quickly and swiftly removed, thereby allowing one to enjoy success in romance, family life and profession.

Magic Pocket Locket including Islamic Spell Booklet with Arabic Mantras

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