Magic Paper Money Spell Oil with Sacred Banten Cave Relics for Wealth Increase


Banten in western Java is the island’s greenest province. There are several ancient caves scattered throughout the region, most of which are still relatively unknown to the outside world. Indeed, a large part of the mysteriously dark and deep caverns along the west and south coast of Java remains undiscovered to this day. Legend has it that some of these caves are inhabited by a group of nature spirits called demit (Javanese: dhêmit).

Magic Money Spell Oil

According to Javanese folklore demits reside in mountainous places because the natural rock formations found in misty valleys and caves serve as a sacred source of Earth magic to them. Thus, it is believed, that, certain mineral relics from caves in Banten carry supernatural powers in them. For this reason the dukun added to the magical oil a small quantity of rare and sacred cave relics he obtained whilst meditating there.

Magical Paper Money Spell Potion with Sacred Cave Relics

In addition, paper money spells are immersed in the magical oil, which allows the owner to become successful in his or her business and career pursuit. Also, due to the formidable potential of the relics, the demit will be eager to offer help and assistance to the person who owns this powerful amulet. This makes the potion particularly useful for gambling purposes, as the spirit can whisper lucky numbers into one’s ear, or provide winning lottery tickets.

Indonesian Oil Amulet for Business and Gambling

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