Magic Money Taweez with Good Luck Coin wrapped in Sacred Cloth


The magic money taweez is a traditional Indonesian amulet, using powerful Islamic magic. It is made in the form of a locket featuring the traditional design of an Islamic talisman, which is also called a taweez. The taweez contains a good luck coin wrapped in sacred black cloth with magical spells written on it. This lucky coin works like a touch piece, meaning that the owner of the amulet has to touch it to obtain the esoteric power imbued within it. Thus it is said, that, when the magic money taweez is held in both hands raised in prayer position, its sacred blessings will be transferred to the person touching the talisman, bringing him or her good luck and fortune.

Magic Money Taweez with Good Luck Coin

Furthermore, it is believed, that, when the owner is in close physical contact with the taweez (i.e. wearing the talisman in one’s wallet or pocket, for example), the amulet will help attract money and riches. This particular magical quality is especially useful to people who would like to increase their chances of winning in games of change, such as gambling and lotteries. However, the magic money taweez can also be used to increase one’s financial income; indeed, the mystical properties of the amulet serve to generate more profit through a boost in commercial sales which improves business success.

Magic Money Taweez wrapped in Sacred Cloth

Considering the fact that an extremely limited number of magic money taweez were made, this particular Indonesian Islamic talisman is destined to become a rarity in the future. The reason why only so very few of these taweez are made is because each amulet is carefully constructed according traditional method which requires the mystical objects to be given an individual empowerment and handwritten spells performed over a long period of time. It goes without saying that the ritual consecration of an amulet increases its power and effects significantly. Thus, the magic money taweez with its good luck coin wrapped in a piece of sacred black cloth is undoubtedly one of the most powerful amulets of its kind.

Magic Money Taweez with Lucky Coin

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