Magic Magnolia Flower Oil with a Soothing and Calming Fragrance that Promotes Love, Peace and Harmony


The essential oil contained within the Indonesian amulet vial is obtained from fragrant champaca flowers of the magnolia tree (Lat. Magnolia champaca, or Michelia champaca). According to traditional Hindu and Buddhist beliefs in Southeast Asian cultures, including Kejawen and Kebatinan tradition in Indonesia, Magnolia trees are believed to be the dwelling place of benevolent nature spirits (Javanese: dhêmit; Indonesian: demit). If one uses the champak oil for ceremonial purposes, like preparing offerings or performing other acts of ritual worship, it is said to increase the effects of one’s prayers and meditation practice.

Magnolia Essential Oil

Since time immemorial traditional Indonesian medicine men, herbalists, healers and shamans (dukun) have been using magnolia essential oil for its health benefits. Indeed, due to its natural healing properties, magnolia flower oil can relieve joint pains and infections caused by rheumatism and arthritis, including gout. Furthermore, when applied as an alternative medicinal treatment, the oil can also help control the symptoms of skin problems (e.g., psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis).

Fragrant Magnolia Flower Oil

In addition, the aromatic plant oil serves the purpose of altering one’s mood and psychological well-being. This makes essential oil of magnolia flowers a highly preferred material in regard to aromatherapy. The soothing fragrance not only calms the mind but it also stimulates one’s focus and concentration. Also, the pleasant floral scent works as a natural aphrodisiac, attracting the targeted person towards oneself by exciting desire. Thus, this strongly perfumed flower oil has all the magical qualities of a powerful love potion as well.

Magnolia champaka oil

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