Magic Locket to Invoke the Love of God and the Holy Prophet


A most powerful locket made by the famous Muslim masters from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia, who have performed a traditional consecration ritual in order to empower the locket with the love of God and the Holy Prophet. It is said, that he who sincerely loves God and the Holy Prophet is beloved of God. Sincere love of God, therefore, is an act of unsurpassed devotion. Needless to say, sincere worship of God generates enormous faith, which in turn induces divine blessings of true love.

Islamic locket

The locket is specially designed for mystics and spiritual practitioners, so as to enhance their spiritual practice through the miraculous power of love for God and the Holy Prophet. Hence, the magic locket helps to improve one’s meditation practice, ritual prayer, and other acts of devotion. When it is used properly by an earnest person, the magic locket will bring him or her additional blessings of good luck and protection. In this way, the locket serves as a powerful reminder of God’s love, which thus forms the ultimate means for one’s recollection of God and the Holy Prophet.

Islamic talisman

One can wear the locket on a necklace, or just put it in one’s pocket, wallet, or bag, to bring it with you wherever you go. Though it is, of course, also possible to store the locket in a certain place in one’s home, such as the place or room where one performs one’s spiritual and religious practices. This helps to create and maintain an auspicious environment filled with blessings of love, peace, and harmony.


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