Magic Liquid Preparation of Saffron Oil to Increase Libido and Sexual Stamina


Saffron oil has been used by Indonesian shamans (dukun) since ancient times. Likewise, saffron extract is widely used in traditional Indonesian medicine. It is considered a highly efficacious remedy in regard to alternative medical treatment for various sexual health ailments, including menstrual cramps and premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Similarly, the healing effects of saffron can help treat common sexual problems for men, such as erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE). Furthermore, due to its relaxing effects saffron oil is known to arouse sexual passion, thereby making it an effective aphrodisiac.

Saffron Oil

The aforementioned natural healing properties of saffron have been enhanced through ritual empowerment in order to imbue the magic liquid preparation with mystical properties. During the consecration ritual the saffron oil has thus been turned into a powerful love potion. Hence the magical oil serves to increase libido and sexual stamina. Also, when anointed on one’s forehead or eyebrows, the wearer will become endowed with the magical power of seduction. In this way, wearing the attraction charm allows one to convince and inspire others. Consequently, people become mesmerized by the charm of the wearer and his or her charisma.

Saffron Oil Bottle

Moreover, when a tiny drop of saffron oil is anointed directly on the targeted person’s body, s/he will feel a compelling desire to spend time with you. This may soon lead to an intimate relationship with the enchanted person, for indeed, the oil’s inherent qualities will induce in him or her a strong desire for sexual activity. However, apart from its practical benefits regarding (sexual) health and intimacy, the concoction can also be used for professional purposes related to one’s occupation. Indeed, the magic potion is particularly useful for those who are engaging in big business activities and conducting commercial endeavors.

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