Luxurious Brass Locket with Sacred Red Cloth to Create Favorable Conditions and to Promote Positive Changes


The large locket is made from luxurious brass material featuring several ancient Arabic incantations embossed on the exterior surface. Inside the brazen locket there is a sacred red cloth, which also contains various Islamic magic spells. A tiny loop at the top allows the locket to be worn as a pendant on a necklace. Though considering the amulet’s large dimensions (5.3 x 4.4 x 1.8 cm) the loop also makes it possible to hang the mystical object on the wall in one’s residence or work place. Thus, the versatility of this Indonesian talisman allows it to adept to many situations, depending on the owner’s personal needs and preferences.

Luxurious Brass Locket

The dukun (in this case a traditional shaman from Surabaya in East Java, Indonesia) enriched the Islamic taweez with metaphysical powers to foster learning. In doing so, the magic locket creates favorable conditions for mind elevation. Hence the master’s ritual blessing and individual empowerment of the amulet are aimed at raising one’s mind to a higher intellectual and spiritual level. This also means that the item’s inherent magical qualities can help improve one’s focus and concentration. Furthermore, the hand-written spells on the sacred red cloth offer the owner an alternative method for enhancing memory and cognition, utilizing its mystical properties.

Luxurious Brass Locket with Sacred Red Cloth

Therefore, with its sacred red cloth, the luxurious brass locket presents a unique integration of study and critical analytical thinking skills to help the owner/wearer become competitive in his or her academic, working and personal life. As a result, the amulet will promote positive changes, which allow the wearer to achieve success and move into the ranks of glory and glamor. In addition, these qualities can be used to enthrall audiences by one’s enhanced grace, skill, and virtuosity. Similarly, when people see a person wearing this locket they will be filled with wonder and delight, holding their entire attention on him or her.

Luxurious Brass Locket with Magic Spells Embossed

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