Lucky Jujaka Brahmin Beggar Effigy with Gold Leaf and Metta Oil to Fetch Money and Riches


The effigy contained within the locket represents an old man walking hunched over with a rod and bag in his hands. The small figure portrays Jujaka (alternatively spelled “chuchok” or “choo chok”), the brahmin beggar whom, according to the Vessantara Jātaka, the Buddha in his previous life had predicted to become incredibly rich. Endowed in metta oil, the locket has the potential to attract riches beyond one’s wildest dreams. The holy image of Jujaka has been properly blessed, using gold leaf to invoke the spirit of the lucky brahmin within the amulet.

Thai Chuchok Amulet

Just like the Jātaka story about Jujaka, the owner of this Thai talisman might see an exponential growth in assets, allowing him or her to go from rags to riches, too. Therefore, the inhabiting spirit is highly beneficent and kind-hearted to those who need help with making money in business, winning the lottery, and enjoying success at gambling. Moreover, poor and ugly as he was, Jujaka still managed to find himself a very attractive wife, for he possessed sufficient merit through which he could fulfill his wishes. Hence one can even call upon his spirit to ask for help with finding a romantic partner.

Chu Chok Locket with Metta Oil

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Buddhist Choo Chok Talisman

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