Lucky Handkerchief featuring Magical Wealth Spells to Attract Good Luck and Fortune


The black cloth with yellow spells serves as a handkerchief or pocket talisman. By wiping one’s face with the lucky handkerchief after having performed ritual prayers, magical blessings will be bestowed upon you. Immediately after the supplications, one may then humbly ask for specific blessings to help you realize your heartfelt wishes. For this reason, the lucky handkerchief can also be used as a wish-fulfilling amulet.

Lucky Handkerchief

To achieve the maximum results, it is strongly recommended to perform ritual ablution (Arabic: wuḍū’) before using the lucky handkerchief. It is believed, that the person who does the act of ablution well will thereby automatically create the necessary conditions to activate the magic power of the handkerchief, which allows him or her to receive blessings of good luck and fortune. Thus, this authentic Indonesian Islamic amulet can help one to get rich fast and become wealthy in short period of time. Since the magical Islamic spells of this Indonesian talisman mainly serve to attract windfall luck, it is therefore also very effective to increase one’s chances at winning the lottery or any game of chance (gambling, betting, etc.).

Lucky Handkerchief with Magical Spells

Ritual Worship Prayer for the Lucky Handkerchief

One should recite, with strong faith, the istiġhfār prayer every day a hundred times at dawn until sunrise. The istiġhfār prayer is recited in order to seek forgiveness from God. And as such, this particular prayer forms the gateway of success. The istiġhfār prayer goes as follows: Subhaanallaahil ‘Adliim Astaghfirullah (100 x).

Lucky Handkerchief from Indonesia

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