Luck-boosting Magical Scroll to Fetch Wealth and to Avoid Risks or Danger


Indonesian magic scrolls often offer a broad range of possibilities in regard to their practical function and magical power. For instance, this particular talismanic scroll serves as a fetcher of wealth as well as a booster of luck in general. This makes it a powerful taweez for gambling purposes, especially because the amulet also contains Islamic spells for protection, which can help the wearer avoid taking risks when s/he is going to visit a casino. Therefore, the additional protective power embedded within the talisman not only increases one’s luck in lottery and other games, but also evade potential danger.

Talismanic Scroll

If one wants to use its concealed Islamic spells for evading dangers, then the scroll should ideally be worn at waist level. To be precise, the red magical cord would then have to be tied to a belt or a sacred thread, for example. This makes it possible for the wearer to sense nearing dangers and unwanted threats to one’s well being. Hence it is believed that wearing the mystical item on one’s back will protect the wearer against unforeseen danger coming from behind.

Sacred Metal Scroll with Red Magical Cord

Though if one rather wants to use the magical quality of this Indonesian amulet for fetching wealth – either through gambling or entrepreneurship – then it is recommended to wear it around one’s neck (using the red sacred cord) instead of one’s waist. In this way the metaphysical energies coming forth from the consecration ritual (performed by a senior dukun from Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia) will be successfully activated so that the talismanic scroll will help grow one’s business by increasing sales and profit.

Magic Scroll Talisman from Indonesia

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