Loving Heart Locket to Stop Bullying and Discrimination


The message of all major world religions revolves around love and compassion. But when one is living in a country where the dominant religion is different from one’s own, or where one’s own religion is regarded with suspicion, it can make the individual feel vulnerable in the terms of religious freedom and the societal tolerance thereof. This Indonesian amulet, shaped in the form of a heart, is not just a symbolic representation of certain religious ideals, but it also actually has the magical power to protect the wearer against targeted expressions of hate, prejudice, and discrimination.

Loving Heart Locket

As the locket is so small (3.3 x 2.6 x 0.2 cm) it is especially suitable for women and children. Moreover, its mystical properties are particularly useful for women who find themselves treated unfairly in a predominately male governed society. The Indonesian taweez is namely made by a compassionate dukun, who blessed it with merciful spells in order to protect the wearer against discrimination in employment and opportunity on grounds of sex, ethnicity, and race.

Merciful Heart Amulet

Similarly, the Islamic incantations infused by the master into this talisman can be applied in school or at work, or any other social environment in which one is being mistreated by others. For instance, a child that is being bullied by his or her classmates, by wearing this item, will be able to transform their hostility into mercy and compassion towards him or her. The countless virtues of this sacred item can be effectively called upon by reciting the holy Basmala prayer (bismillāhi raḥmāni raḥīm) three times.

Heart-shaped Taweez for Women and Children

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