Large Javanese Islamic Amulet made from Deer Skin featuring Handwritten Arabic Formulas to Improve One’s Financial Situation


A true masterpiece from the reverend dukun Mbah Joyo from Central Java. Mbah Joyo is an authentic Javanese Islamic master who is well-known for his higher spiritual realizations. Due to his vast knowledge of the world of the unseen, Mbah Joyo’s skills in ritual magic are unsurpassed. Indeed, through years of extensive practice of the ancient teachings of Kejawen and Kebatinan (Javanese mysticism) he eventually acquired various supernatural abilities. Recognizing the potential of his magical powers, he thus decided to offer ritual services to the laity. For this reason Mbah Joyo devotes his time and effort to the making of rare and exclusive amulets and talismans, which are blessed according ancient Indonesian mystical tradition.

Large Javanese Islamic Amulet made from Real Deer Skin

Since Mbah Joyo lives in a small and simple residence in the rural forest area in Central Java, his home can be considered the ideal place for an ascetic hermit to perform his or her spiritual practice. As a true world renunciant, the Javanese dukun often wanders through the forests and mountains where he spends much of the time in solitary retreat. During the time spent in solitude, contact with other people is brought to a minimum whereas animal encounters will occur frequently. Especially the Javan Rusa deer (Lat.: Rusa timorensis) is commonly seen in the Indonesian wildlife.

Large Javanese Islamic Deer Skin Amulet

Hence, on a given day, Mbah Joyo found a carcass of a Javanese deer whilst he was staying in the forest. The dukun then performed a ritual to ask the animal’s spirit for permission to take the skin and put it to good use. After he successfully performed the ritual, the spirit of the deer gave the master its permission to proceed to carry out his initial plans, namely to gather funds to build a local Islamic boarding school in the subdistrict of Rembang in Central Java, Indonesia. Thus, Mbah Joyo used the deer skin to make and consecrate this amulet with great care and precision.

Rear face of Large Javanese Islamic amulet with Sacred Arabic Spells

The large Javanese Islamic deer skin amulet underwent multiple empowerment sessions individually performed by the maker himself. Typically the dukun abstains from food, drink and sleep for twenty-four hours prior to the performance of the consecration ritual, which starts at midnight and lasts until the Fajr prayer (Arabic: ṣalāt al-faǧr) at dawn. Beside the initial invocation of God, the ritual prayer is supplemented with magical incantations to call upon the angels for bestowal of divine blessings. In addition, Mbah Joyo performed handwritten inscriptions using the Arabic script to transmit sacred Islamic spells unto the deer skin. The combination of spells is carefully selected based on auspicious astrological events. As a whole, the systematic composition of magic formulas is orderly arranged according the fundamental principles of sacred geometry. This is believed to increase the potential power and effect of the amulet due to the nature of its mystical properties and the way they are imbued within the deer skin.

Close up of Javanese Deer Skin Amulet

This particular deer skin talisman by Mbah Joyo is endowed with the magical quality to attract wealth, riches and money. Also, people who are struggling with financial problems can use the amulet to clear debts and solve money issues; for indeed, its primary function is to improve one’s financial situation. The deer skin amulet can be put in a frame to hang it on the wall in one’s home or workplace (e.g. office, store, restaurant, etc.) so as to bless the place with powerful blessings of good luck and fortune.

Mbah Joyo

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