Kyahi Naga Dwidewa


Dapur Naga Penganten (‘Twin Dragons’) is a pair of dragon twins, which are considered very powerful indeed. The craftmanship of these dragons is remarkably detailed; the keris is covered in silver from ganja to the hip, and the Nāga King and Queen both are wearing a silver crown. The dragons dwelling within this unique keris are considered to be very much alive. Both these nāgas possess a strong character which resembles their aggressive and prestigious features.

The energy which can be sensed in this keris is rather strong due to the intensity of internal heat that dwells within this keris. Because the esoteric content can be classified as being “hot”, this keris is particularly effective for the arising of the owner’s mindfulness while at the same time providing the right means to overcome sloth. However, caution is required when handling this keris, for its strong powers may cause a person to become hyperactive or over agressive if he or she already possesses an active or aggressive character naturally by themselves. Yet the potential for this particular power can also be used as a means to provide new “heat” in a couple’s relationship which suffers from excessive “cold” in their partnership. Though this may equally well lead to an increase of struggles and personal issues between both partners when they already have a rather hot temperament naturally of themselves. When the owner of this keris, however, already has a strong character him- or herself, or has sufficient energy to deal with the powers of this keris, then, naturally, there is no need to worry for the possible dangers that may arise under certain circumstances.

This keris, therefore, is not suitable for just any person, for his or her character ought to match with that of these powerful Twin Dragons. Thus, an owner considered suitable for this keris, is one who is ambitious and an active worker him- or herself. If the owner wishes to acquire flourishing social relationships, this keris can help him/her by means of influencing others, which often is an effect desired by marketing and sales managers, supervisors, etc. Furthermore, this keris is also useful for binding a loved couple in order to make their relationship more stronger and harmonious.

Note: the financial profit made by the selling of this keris will be used for the making of a whole new keris which will have the same dapur, but with an even more refined pamor that will contain meteorite. Also, this new keris will not become silver-plated, but rather it will be gold-plated instead.

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