Kul Buntet – Magical Sea Shell for Increasing Wealth and Riches


These Kul Buntet shells come from West Java, though they can be found in Thailand, too. Kul Buntet shells can be used as a talisman to attract riches. The shells are usually being stored (per pair or per piece) in a small bag or wrapped in a piece of cloth. Once a week (preferably in the early morning) the owner should take the Kul Buntets out of the bag or unwrap it from the cloth in which it has been kept, and then place them on a plate with some lemon juice on it. While the shells are on the plate, their owner should ask for their blessings and request them to bestow wealth and riches on him- or herself.

Kol Buntet Shells

Note: the Kul Buntets should not be kept on the plate longer than two minutes, for else these living shells might die, thereby wasting your chances of luck, too. After finishing this weekly ritual, the Kul Buntets should be taken from the plate again; next they need to be washed off with water, and gently dried off before being put back again in the bag or cloth.

Kul Buntet Shells

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