Khodamic Badar Besi Gemstone Ring infused with Elemental Magic


Real badar besi is hard to come by these days, primarily because of the lack of genuine masters who possess the skill to be able to obtain this sacred rock from natural caves. Fortunately, there are still some highly skilled adepts around in Banten Province today. And Banten also happens to have a very fertile soil that is rich in natural minerals, including iron oxides (e.g. hematite and magnetite – two core elements that exist within badar besi).

Badar Besi Gemstone

According to Indonesian beliefs, even a tiny bit of badar besi can create miracles. Indeed, anyone who is lucky enough to actually possess a talisman of this particular kind, will agree to some extent that such gemstones are packed with supernatural powers. In fact, many people who come to Banten for the first time say that they can feel some kind of metaphysical energy in the air. Considering the geographical location of the province, which is just below the Earth’s equator, it can be safely assumed that the power of sacred minerals in this area is indirectly influenced by the Earth’s magnetic field.

Mystical Badar Besi Ring

Therefore, this badar besi amulet forms a completely natural piece of elemental magic. The holy stone was extracted from the wall inside a mystic’s meditation cave, using ancient rites to call upon the guardian spirit of the cave. This is done through magical invocations, whilst burning the wall’s surface with a ritually blessed candle; once permission is granted (by the spirit), the badar besi becomes available to the master. And only if the ritual is performed properly will the spirit manifest itself in the gemstone. Thus, when worn as a ring, the badar besi‘s inhabiting spirit will watch over the wearer, protecting him or her from danger, black magic, misfortune, as well as bringing the owner commanding power and domination over others through enhanced charisma.

Magical Badar Besi Amulet

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