Indonesian Keris Talisman with Magical Islamic Formulas for Wealth Increase and Accumulation of Riches


The Indonesian keris is internationally praised for its magical powers. Since time immemorial Indo-Malay people have used the keris in traditional rituals and ceremonies. Its primary function, therefore, is not that of a thrusting weapon but rather a ritual instrument. This means that the keris is considered a sacred object; i.e. a talisman. Much of the esoteric power of the keris is said to be derived from the metal from which it is forged. In this particular case, the Indonesian keris talisman is forged from a metal alloy which contains mostly sacred brass obtained from several ancient artifacts.

Indonesian Keris Talisman

The talisman features the traditional Javanese keris model called ‘Nagasasra’, which has a blade with a total of thirteen curves or waves. The number thirteen here stands for both the aim as well as the accomplishment of worldly success and material wealth. Since a conventional keris model features generally not more than thirteen waves, the design of this particular Indonesian talisman represents the realization of the highest goal in the human realm of existence.

Indonesian Keris Talisman with Islamic Magical Formulas

Thus, the Indonesian keris talisman can help the owner to generate wealth and accumulate riches. Furthermore, there are magical Islamic formulas embossed in Arabic lettering on each side of the blade as well as on the exterior surface of the sheath. Beside anti-black magic spells, the Islamic formulas also contain within them mystical properties which serve as an effective means of protection from danger in general.

Indonesian Keris Talisman made from Sacred Brass

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