Keris Singå Barong Luk 5 with Pamor Uler Lulut for Cummulative Wealth & Prosperity + Protection against Black Magic


The dapur Singå Barong represents the mythical creature of a male lion (Sanskrit: siṃha) which is believed to be very powerful indeed. Hence, a keris with this dapur is meant to induce upon the owner’s character the bold nature of a siṃha, which is full of power and courage. Moreover, a keris with 5 luks symbolizes the hope of the owner to become a skillful speaker, someone whose words are believed by many, and can effect the other person’s speech.

Singa Barong

Thus, generally speaking, luk 5 stands for success in social relations, for this type of keris can help the owner to become someone whom is adored by others. This makes the keris especially suitable for marketeers, salesmen, artists, or any other profession which requires one to have skillful means in communication.

Pamor Uler Lulut

The pamor motif ‘Uler Lulut’ features a pattern of circles linked to each other, which looks like the body of a worm or snake. This type of pamor resembles the nature of water since its flow is related to cumulative wealth and prosperity. It is further also believed that a keris with this pamor motif can protect the owner against disturbances from mystical creatures and ‘guna-guna’ (black magic) in general.

Singo Barong

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