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Keris Sengkelat Mataram Sultan Agung‏ with Gold-plated Kinatah, Ancient Brass Sheath, and Teak-wooden Hilt

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This ancient keris was made in the tangguh Mataram Sultan Agung era (17th century). The robust blade features the dapur Sengkelat, and has thirteen waves (luk). Since ancient times, Indonesian kings and sultans have always had a special interest in kerises with the dapur Sengkelat. In fact, one can still find many kerises of this kind being preserved in the sultan’s palace (keraton) in Jogjakarta and Solo.
During the reign of Sultan Agung (1613–1645) in the Mataram Islam era (1582–1749), the trend of decorating the keris blade had become increasingly popular among the keris makers (empu) of the time. Hence, the empus developed various decorative designs by depositing a thin layer of gold and, or silver onto the lower part of the blade; i.e. silver and gold plating (‘kinatah’).
This keris Sengkelat thus can be considered a true classic pusaka, for it features the characteristic style of gold plated kinatah decoration of kerises from the tangguh Mataram Sultan Agung era. The decorative style of kinatah on the blade of this keris is called ‘panji wilis’. It has a gold plated lambe gajah on the front of the gandik, and flower patterns on the ganja.
The warangka is crafted from natural teak wood, and carved in ladrang Solo style. And to make this old keris look even more impressive, a pendok made from ancient brass is used to cover the exclusive sheath. The high quality materials of gold, ancient brass and teak wood, combined with the high number of luks, and the mint condition of the Wos Wutah pamor pattern, increase not only the historical value of this antique keris, but also enhance the esoteric powers that were transmitted onto this sacred pusaka throughout the centuries.

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