Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 with Pamor Banyu Mili – Tangguh Singosari (13th Century)


The keris Sabuk Tali is very rare dapur. The name of this classic dapur means ‘cord belt’ in Javanese. This ancient keris is made in the thirteenth century tangguh Singosari era (1222–1292 CE). It has 11 luks (‘waves’), a plain gandik, a deep sogokan depan, and a wide pejetan. Also, the base of the blade rests on a long ganja.

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11

Unlike this keris Sabuk Tali, ancient pusaka heirloom kerises of the tangguh Singosari usually have a heavily corroded blade, which often is not in too condition either. Though the keris Sabuk Tali is inevitably affected by external environmental factors through the course of time, yet the antique blade has retained intact. Considering the fact that this dapur features a relatively large number of luks and has a sharp pointed ganja, this is remarkable indeed. This, of course, is primarily due to the extraordinary high quality of iron from which this ancient keris has been forged.

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 - Singosari

Moreover, the keris Sabuk Tali is forged with a very rich damascening pattern covering the exterior surface of the iron blade. This particular decoration motif is known as pamor Banyu Mili. Pamor Banyu Mili represents flowing water or a water stream. The pamor pattern covers the entire blade, giving the blade a light color with a soft grey tone to it.

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 Singasari

Pamor Banyu Mili is believed to have mystical powers which can increase a person’s material wealth and financial status. The person who owns this keris will thus enjoy auspicious blessings of good fortune and prosperity. Anything s/he plans will run smoothly without further problems. It is as if the odds are always in your favor all; effortless and swiftly one drifts along a gentle stream, leading to good luck.

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 - tangguh Singosari

As a genuine pusaka item, the keris Sabuk Tali is attributed with a traditional warangka sheath hand carved in the classic gayaman Yogyakarta style. In addition, the keris Sabuk Tali has a pendok cover made from ancient brass, which is engraved with a gaya Yogyakarta motif.

Keris Sabuk Tali Luk 11 Singosari

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