Keris Panji Anom with Twofold (Dwiwarna) Pamor Pattern


The dapur ‘Panji Anom’, also known as ‘Panji Nom’, ‘Panji Anem’, or ‘Panjinem’, is a common characteristic for a straight-bladed keris (‘lurus’). The pamor Untu Walang looks fairly similar to (pamor) Tepen, or Wengkon. The difference, however, is that pamor Wengkon usually features a straight line near the edges of the blade, whereas the line in the pamor Untu Walang has sharp bends or angles from side to side, almost like a zigzag pattern created by a saw.

Keris Panji Nom

It is said, that a keris with this type of pamor can make a great leader out of the owner, for the esoteric powers of this pamor motif will help him/her to become a person who is easy to trust. Hence, a keris like this is generally not suitable for everyone, but rather for (socio-political) leaders or teachers.

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