Keris Mojopahit Wos Wutah for Spiritual Enhancement


The keris Mojopahit Wos Wutah is an old and sacred pusaka heirloom artifact, which is made in days of the Javanese Hindu Kingdom of Majapahit (1292–1500). Due to the fact that the sheath features the distinctive Yogyakarta style of hand carving warangka called ‘gayaman’, we can confirm this keris’ place of origin, which is, of course, the royal palace (‘keraton’) of Yogyakarta in Central Java, Indonesia.

The old blade of the keris Mojopahit Wos Wutah is only 26 centimeters long, which is relatively short compared to the average size of a Javanese keris blade. Ancient kerises of this length were often used by spiritual initiates for performing ritual ceremonies at the royal court of Yogyakarta. This means, then, that over the course in time this sacred heirloom keris has absorbed a tremendous amount of mystic powers.

And since the blade has the characteristic damascening pamor Wos Wutah motif on it, this of course adds up to the magical power of the keris Mojopahit Wos Wutah. Hence, the owner of this antique artifact will have a most powerful keris that may prove very useful for making progress in one’s spiritual practice. This makes it thus perfectly possible to use the keris Mojopahit Wos Wutah for preparing one’s regular offerings for worship, to strengthen the power of one’s prayers, and to one’s enhance one’s practice of meditation.

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