mKeris Megantara Luk 7 for Leadership and Convincing Speech


This Megantara luk 7 is a contemporary keris (kamardikan) based on the dapur Megantara from the tangguh Mataram era (late 16th–early 18th century). The blade has seven waves, or luk, symbolizing leadership and authority. The symbolic meaning of these 7 luks also stands for convincing speech, which leads to improvement of one’s social communication skills and general negotiation skills.

There is no pamor pattern visible on the blade of this keris Megantara luk 7; this plain and natural condition of the blade is called ‘pamor Kêlêng’. Pamor Kêlêng is said to possess mystical powers that can enrich a person with the virtue of skillful speech. Hence, the esoteric aspects of pamor Kêlêng fit perfectly well with the magical powers ascribed to the dapur Megantara.

Without a pamor motif, the attention is immediately drawn to the high level of detail of the ricikan elements; the blade features a lambe gajah, ron dho, sraweyan, ada-ada, and a tiny buntut. The blade of this keris Megantara luk 7 has a total length of 36 cm (or 43 cm if one includes the peksi).

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