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Kanjeng Kyai Megantara Paksi Dewata

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Concept and design by Toni Junus and Whisnu Wardhana who added the ‘Pudak Sategal‘. The forging started on Tuesday 15 February 2011 and was finished on 14 March 2011 after Toni Junus had treated the keris with ‘Sepuh Dilat‘.

Kanjeng Kyai Megantara Paksi Dewata

The name of dapur Megantara‘ consists of two Javanese words: (1) ‘mega‘, which means ‘sky’/’clouds’; and (2) ‘antara‘, which means ‘beyond’. Hence, ‘megantara‘ can be translated as ‘beyond the sky’/’above the clouds’. An open-minded person, whose mind is as vast as the open sky, will be a suitable owner for a keris with Dapur Megantara. In addition to the dapur, this keris features seven luks – a design most suitable for an owner who also is eager to help others.

Kanjeng Kyai Megantara Paksi Dewata

After the making of this keris had been completed, the keris was consecrated by Toni Junus who performed the ‘sepuh dilat‘ ritual in order to empower the keris. ‘Sepuh dilat’ implies a finishing treatment of the keris by licking the tip of the blade after it has been re-heated in fire and then quenched in flowered water. Whilst doing this, the empu is chanting mantras. By strongly focusing his mind, the empu will attempt to (temporarily) transcend beyond the dualistic appearance of worldly concepts like ‘hot’ versus ‘cold’. In this way, the empu‘s mind will be able to unify both contrasting elements, which, then – by touching the smoldering tip of the blade with his tongue – allows the sacred power to become manifest within the keris itself.

Kanjeng Kyai Megantara Paksi Dewata

Note: comes with certificate of authenticity.

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