Keris Kamardikan Sadhek Luk 15 with Pamor Raja Abala Raja for a Successful Career


A contemporary keris kamardikan of high standard; this new keris is forged in a unique dapur Sadhek model, featuring a high quality blade with 15 luks (‘waves’). It is richly attributed with a set of ricikan. The gandik has a kembang kacang, a lambe gajah, and a jalu memet. At the base of the blade there is a small pejetan as well as a sogokan depan and belakang. And the wadidang part of the blade features rondo nunut, greneng, and ri pandan.

Keris Sadhek luk 15 with Pamor Rojo Abolo Rojo

The keris kamardikan Sadhek contains the stylish Raja Abala Raja pamor pattern. Alternatively, this pamor motif is pronounced as ‘Rojo Abolo Rojo’ (Råjå Abålå Råjå). Its name is derived from the Sanskrit term ‘rājābala rājā’; rājā is Sanskrit for ‘king’, and bala means ‘force’, ‘army’ and ‘servant’. Hence, the meaning of the name of this particular pamor pattern refers to kings who are themselves servants or subjects of another king. This, of course, demonstrates the ancient Indian concept of the just ruler who himself also is a loyal servant of yet a higher power, be it a worldly leader or a spiritual power (God, deities, etc.).

Keris Kamardhikan - Dapur Sadhek Luk 15 - Pamor Rojo Abolo Rojo

It is thus believed, that the keris kamardikan Sadhek luk 15 with its pamor Raja Abala Raja, holds special powers which can be used to enhance and extend one’s authority in a just manner. For this reason, the keris kamardikan Sadhek is especially useful for people in positions of responsibility. Therefore, it is said, that this keris has strong mystical powers for improving one’s leadership skills. In this way, then, this keris kamardikan contributes to a successful career.

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