Keris Jarudeh Luk 9


Jarudeh (or ‘Jarudiyah’) is an other name of Semar, a prominent figure in Javanese Mysticism whom is said to be the Guardian Spirit (‘danghyang‘) of the land and culture of Java. Jarudeh is known as the human avatar of the god Sang Hyang Ismaya, the elder brother of Śiva in Javanese wayang. His character is considered the most spiritually refined, which is also why Jarudeh is a spiritual advisor and magical supporter of the Javanese royalty.


In the old days, the dapur of this particular keris was frequently used by the courtiers of the Sultan’s palace. The ‘Lawe Saukelpamor resembles threaded yarn; this vertical type of pamor is to be applied by the smith right from the beginning of the making process of the keris.

Keris Jarudeh Luk 9

It is believed that the ‘tuah‘ (magical power) of this type of keris can provide protection to the owner, especially against the danger of black magic. This keris, however, is also believed to be able to bestow wealth and fortune upon the owner.

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