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Keris Bugis Laler Mengeng with Pamor Lar Gangsir

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Generally, a Buginese keris (‘keris Bugis’ or ‘keris Sulawesi’) can be distinguished by the characteristic shape of the blade. For instance, the dapur of this keris Bugis is ‘Laler Mengeng‘; it features a rather tall gandik with a reversed kembang kacang pointing inward instead of outward. The characteristic features of the Buginese keris are obviously influenced by the keris (sampari) from Bima and Dompu in Sumbawa. Likewise, the Buginese keris also features a knob at the tip of the scabbard, just like that of a Bimanese scabbard. The people of Makassar, Bugis, Gowa and Bone still regard the keris as an essential attribute of traditional custom (‘adat‘).

Keris Bugis Laler Mengeng

Traditionally, the people of South Sulawesi value the pamor more than the dapur. It is, therefore, not surprising that we find a highly sophisticated pamor motif as the ‘Lar Gangsir‘ pattern depicted on this exclusive keris Bugis. As the name already suggests, lar gangsir represents the pattern on cricket wings (Indonesian: jangkrik). It requires great skill in order to be able to forge this particular type of pamor. It is said that, a keris which has a lar gangsir pamor pattern, can help the owner to neutralize attacks of guna-guna (black magic), and avoid disturbances caused by negative forces such as harmful spirits, ghosts, etc.

Keris Bugis Laler Mengeng with Pamor Lar Gangsir Pattern

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