Keris Brojol Kenongo Ginubah


Brojol is a dapur that represents outward peace. It is a rather unsophisticated dapur, though very popular in demand among people from all layers of society.The dapur Brojol is also a symbol of simplicity. Its symbolical meaning is an expression of the intention of the empu, whose hope it is that the owner of this keris shall lead a modest life, tool. In this way, then, the owner will be able to overcome any obstacles he or she may encounter, and thus will also be more likely to proceed in social and business related activities.

A keris featuring the pamor motif ‘Kenongo Ginubah‘ (or ‘Kenanga Ginubah‘) is believed to have the power to make its owner popular and attractive. Hence, such a keris is particularly useful for dalangs (wayang puppet masters), pesinden (gamelan singers) and singers/vocalists. The pamor motif itself resembles a string of fragrant kenanga flowers (Canangium odoratum).

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