Keris Bali Surapati with Pamor Udan Mas for Windfall Luck


The Keris Bali Surapati is an extraordinary keris made in the nineteenth century in Bali, Indonesia. This ancient Balinese keris features the dapur Surapati, which in Java is called ‘Pasopati’. It has a straight blade that still is in excellent condition considering the fact that it was made almost two hundred years ago.

On the surface of the blade, we can see the distinctive pamor pattern named ‘Gubet Udan Mas’. This pamor motif represents golden rain drops, which symbolize the upcoming change of events that will bring windfall luck and fortune. A keris which has a pamor pattern of the ‘udan mas’ variety, is often classed as a top range pusaka item worth a lot of money. Moreover, the esoteric powers of this type of pamor are believed to be extremely powerful. Hence, the magical aspects of a keris featuring pamor Udan Mas are known to bestow upon the owner numerous blessings of good luck, and will provide the opportunities for increasing one’s riches.

The hilt of this keris is made in traditional Balinese style; the word ‘danganan’ is used for the name of this kind of hilt. It is the original danganan hilt, and is carved in the form of the Hindu Monkey God Hanoman. Also, there are traces of the aging process visible on the surface of the hilt, indicating its authenticity.

Thus, the Keris Bali Surapati is an invaluable collector’s item for one who seeks an ancient Balinese heirloom keris (‘pusaka’), which, at the same time, serves as a mystical means to increase one’s financial status and wealth.

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