Keris Amulet with Islamic Spells embossed and Sacred Brass Sheath wrapped in Red Magical Cord


One of Indonesia’s most precious cultural heritage objects is undoubtedly the keris, a ritual dagger richly endowed with mystical qualities. The ancient tradition of keris forging dates back to eleventh century AD, though some Indonesians believe the keris was already in use in Java around the sixth century AD. Either way, the truth is that the ancestors of Indonesia have successfully managed to preserve their ancient cultural traditions to this very day. And due to the fact that Indonesians today still take great pride in their cultural heritage, the knowledge about the keris will continue to be passed on to future generations.

Keris Amulet wrapped in Red Magical Cord

But like everything else in modern day society, the keris gradually has been modified to contemporary standards of socio-religious art. In today’s society it has become practically impossible to wear a keris on a daily basis, simply because traditional costumes have since long made place for modern fashion clothing. Moreover, with so many nations being pervaded by violence and terrorism, it is unthinkable for most people to go out on the streets while carrying a stabbing weapon. Hence, this particular keris is forged into the shape of small amulet, which can be easily carried along in one’s pocket or bag without having to worry about security threats. Furthermore, its compact size and dimensions make this the perfect amulet for women as well.

Sacred Brass Keris Amulet with Magical Inscriptions on the Blade

The keris amulet is cast from a mixture of various metals obtained from several different types of Indonesian talismans. The blade itself has five ‘waves’, which represent the magical power of influential speech and authority. Indeed, this authentic Indonesian amulet can help to boost one’s charisma and increase business success. In addition, there are magical incantations embossed on the exterior surface of the blade. Furthermore, the sheath is wrapped in a red magical cord which is often used in Indonesian occult rituals. Due to the magical spells and the red magical cord, the the keris amulet is infused with mystical properties which bestow upon the owner blessings of protection in the broadest sense. And lastly, the keris has also been blessed by a Javanese dukun who consecrated the amulet with additional powers of good luck and fortune.

Keris Amulet wrapped in Red Magical Thread

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