Kejawen Talisman with Handwritten Kalacakra Spell for Removal of Bad Luck and Evasion of Hostility


Kalacakra in both Sanskrit and Javanese means ‘wheel of time’ (‘kala’: time; ‘cakra’: wheel). ‘Kala’ also refers to the Lord of Time; i.e., Baṭṭhara Kala, a deity in the Hindu and Buddhist pantheon. Indeed, kalacakra is a key term in ancient Indian philosophy and religion (most notably in Hinduism and Buddhism), as well as in other mystical traditions, such as Kejawen in Java, Indonesia. The accompanying mantra is recited by Javanese mystics in order to beseech Kala Rao (Sanskrit: Rāhu) for the bestowal of supernatural powers, allowing them to make swift progress on the spiritual path leading to final liberation from the cycle of rebirth.

Mystical Javanese Kejawen Deerskin Amulet

The aforementioned mantra is handwritten on genuine deerskin, using traditional Javanese characters. The rear side of the amulet still has the animal’s original fur on it. This, of course, clearly shows the authenticity of the parchment talisman. Thus, by utilizing the traditionally prescribed materials in the correct way (i.e., the animal’s skin needs to be in good condition, and may only be obtained from a deer that died a natural death), the potency of the magical spell and the master’s blessing are thereby guaranteed to be effective. For this reason many people in Indonesia consider Kejawen amulets of this particular type to be extremely powerful for the removal of bad luck, the evasion of hostility from enemies, while at the same time also improving one’s horoscope.

Aji Kalacakra Amulet

Kalacakra Mantra

One starts chanting the following opening prayer:

Sang Hyang Sukma Sejati Rajah Kalacakra Ingkang Kula Waos Nyuwun Barakah Paduka Ingkang Dados Kekujengan.

Next, one proceeds to the actual mantra itself:

Yamaraja Jaramaya

Yamarani Niramaya

Yasilapa Palasiya

Yamidara Radamiya

Yamidosa Sadomiya

Yadayuda Dayudaya

Yasiyaca Cayasiya

Yasihama Mahasiya

It is recommended to recite the mantra above 313 times for three nights in a row. At the same time, it is advised that one also practices the fasting method of patigeni. On the fourth day, one should chant the mantra three times, namely before dawn, noon, and dusk.

Rajah Kalacakra Amulet

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