Kejawen Amulet empowered with the Aji Rajah Kalacakra Mantra of Traditional Javanese Mysticism


Mystical objects made from deerskin are ranked among the most powerful amulets and talismans in Java. In fact, this goes for the whole of the Indonesian archipelago, as the sacred value of this kind of amulet is unsurpassed. The deer plays an important role in ancient Javanese Hindu-Buddhist mythology, i.e. the golden deer of the Rāmāyaṇa epic. However, the importance of the golden deer in Javanese mysticism is also mentioned by the nine Islamic saints who are collectively known as the ‘Wali Sanga’ (alternatively spelled ‘Wali Songo’).

Rajah Kalacakra

The front face of the deerskin amulet represents the chakra of immortality of the god Batara Kala, also known as Kala Rao, which is the Hindu-Buddhist deity Rāhu, lord of the asura demons. According to Hindu-Buddhist mythology, Batara Kala seized the elixer of immortality from the gods, which led him to become immortal. Thus, the spiritual practice performed by Batara Kala is considered by the Javanese to be the quickest path to attain realization of spiritual awakening. Hence, in essence, the Aji Rajah Kalacakra symbolizes the ultimate goal of the spiritual path, which is termed mokṣa (liberation).

Rajah Kalacakra on Real Javanese Deer Skin

The front face of the deerskin amulet depicts the yantra (sacred geometric) design of the Kalacakra mantra. It consists of a chakra wheel with eight spokes, symbolizing the eight cardinal directions of the universe. This illustrates also the practical purpose of the yantra, namely that it provides protection in each of the cardinal points. Furthermore, the Kejawen amulet is made by a devout practitioner of Javanese mystical tradition from Central Java, Indonesia. The amulet is thus made by the hands of an adept dukun, who performed an individual blessing ritual to empower the Javanese deerskin with sufficient magical qualities. Also, the dukun performed several handwritten inscriptions of magical spells using the ancient Aksara Jawa script. This resulted in the creation of a rare and unique masterpiece of traditional Kejawen magic.

Rear face of Rajah Kalacakra Deer Skin Amulet with Sacred Javanese Spells

The amulet, therefore, can be used as a powerful means of protection from both physical and mental dangers, varying from traffic accidents and nature disasters to unexpected attacks from or fights with one’s enemies. Indeed, the wrathful nature of Batara Kala will instantly do away with backstabbers and dishonest people. In addition, it is believed that, through mastery of the Aji Rajah Kalacakra mantra the practitioner will obtain various kinds of supernatural abilities. This includes the magical power of invincibility as well as invulnerability against weapons. Also, the Kejawen amulet is considered a very effective tool for protection against the evil works of black magicians, ghosts and spirits.

Real Javanese Deer Skin Amulet with Ancient Rajah Kalacakra Mantra

Worshipping Mantra for the Kejawen Amulet

First chant:

Sang Hyang Sukma Sejati Rajah Kalacakra Ingkang Kula Waos Nyuwun Barakah Paduka Ingkang Dados Kekujengan.

Followed by:

Yamaraja Jaramaya, Yamarani Niramaya, Yasilapa Palasiya, Yamidara Radamiya, Yamidosa Sadomiya, Yadayuda Dayudaya, Yasiyaca Cayasiya, Yasihama Mahasiya.

The mantra should be recited 313 times for three nights consecutively whilst performing the fasting austerity of patigeni. After the three days of patigeni, the mantra should be chanted three times a day, preferably in the morning before getting up, in the afternoon before having lunch, and at night before going to bed.

Close up of Rajah Kalacakra Amulet

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