Kebatinan Amulet to Reveal Occult Knowledge by Means of Shamanic Contact with the Spirit World


‘Kebatinan’ is an Indonesian term that refers to modern Javanese mysticism. The majority of contemporary mystics in Indonesia is Muslim, for indeed, Islam has left a deep imprint on Javanese culture. Due to the Islamization of Java (c. 1200–1600 CE), the traditional Javanese belief system (i.e., kejawen) gradually shifted towards Islamic mysticism. Consequently, spiritual orientations within the Javanese mystical tradition (i.e., kebatinan) are closely related to Sufism. Senior kebatinan masters are often also adept occultists and are well-versed in Classical Arabic (also known as Quranic Arabic) and archaic Javanese; i.e. Kawi (Bhāṣa Kawi, Old Javanese).

Kebatinan Amulet

In accordance with ancient tradition, the locket is made from genuine Javan deerskin and has been emblazoned with hand-written incantations of Islamic magic. A proper empowerment ritual was performed by a powerful spirit medium (dukun) from Kudus in Central Java, Indonesia. Various genie invocation spells were used during the occult rite of consecration to call forth multiple khodam spirits. Next, through shamanic contact with the spirit world, the dukun commanded the celestial beings to transmit their blessings and metaphysical energies directly into the kebatinan amulet.

Kebatinan Javan Deerskin Locket

The Indonesian taweez serves multiple purposes such as development of psychic abilities and extrasensory perception, thereby allowing one to explore a deeper spiritual reality of phenomena. This also makes it a very useful talisman in regard to the magical art and practice of divination. Indeed, one can use this mystical object in order to be able to receive personal and spiritual guidance by way of divination methods. On a more wordly level, however, the occult power of the kebatinan amulet can be used for protection from (physical) danger, as well as to bring about success in business, gambling or lottery. On top of that, owing to the magical quality of the Islamic incantations on the exterior surface of the deerskin amulet, the inhabiting khodam spirit is eager to help increase the wearer’s attraction so that s/he will be able to enjoy a satisfying love and sex life.

Kebatinan Talisman

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