Jawara Talisman blessed with the Magical Power to Convince People Effectively


Jawara are a group of notorious thugs from Banten Province in West Java, Indonesia. The jawara have strong socio-political power and economic influence in the region, though they also have the reputation of being a violent group of outlaws. Indeed, jawara are infamous masters of pencak silat (traditional Indonesian martial arts). However, these fighting masters also possess profound spiritual knowledge. This is, of course, due to the great amount of time and effort they devote to both physical training and spiritual practice.

Indonesian Jawara Talisman

Moreover, not only do the jawara play an important social and political role in the outskirts of Jakarta and the villages in Banten Province, they also provide financial support and security to the poor and needy in Indonesian society, particularly to the Sundanese people in West Java. This made the jawara very popular among the Sundanese. Hence, these charismatic leaders have the magical ability to convince people effectively. Their convincing power allows the jawara to persuade people to always choose their side.

Jawara Banten Talisman

In order to achieve success, the jawara often use a talisman blessed by dukun. This talisman, then, is empowered with mystical properties which bestow upon the wearer blessings of influential speech, popularity, leadership, respectability and high social status. In addition, the talisman offers protection from one’s enemies, leaving no room for competition. Thus, the jawara talisman can be used to do good business with, to help enhance social relationships, whilst also constantly protecting one from danger in every situation.

Sundanese Jawara Talisman

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