Javanese Semar and Petruk Divinities Coin Amulet


Semar and Petruk both are Javanese divinities, belonging to the group of four Punakawan (pronounced: Punokawan) deities. Semar is the eldest among them, followed by Bagong, Petruk, and Gareng. Petruk has a very fierce character, whereas Semar is characterized by peace and wisdom. Legend has it that Petruk used to be a benevolent rākṣasa demon. One day he decided to test his strength and thus ended up in battle with a powerful ogre named Gareng. They both seemed to be equally strong, because the fight remained undecided. Eventually Semar had to subdue the two demons in order to force them to stop fighting each other. This is how Petruk and Gareng became Semar’s disciples.

Semar Coin

The coin featuring these two godly figures of Javanese mysticism is made from sacred brass. The featured gods are accompanied by traditional characters of the hanacaraka script in order to reanimate them through the magical power of the syllables. Thus, their divine qualities can be evoked by the owner of the amulet so that Semar and Petruk will be able to help him or her. In this way they can offer the wearer spiritual assistance regarding personal matters. It is also possible for them to repel factors of bad luck and misfortune.

Semar and Petruk Amulet

Mantra for Worshipping Semar and Petruk

Niat ingsun arep muter giling

Ora muter giling jagad

Sing tak puter jantung atine

Pikirane … (make a wish)

Semar dasar

Bagong mangklong-mangklong

Gareng ngereng-ngereng

Petruk celuk-celuk

Teka idep teka madep

Teka lulut teka katut

Teka welas teka asih

Asih welas marang badan ingsun

Brass Kejawen Talisman

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