Javanese Deer Skin Amulet inscribed with Handwritten Blessings for Enchantment


An authentic Indonesian taweez made from Javanese deerskin and blessed with handwritten inscriptions in pure saffron ink. The deer has a special place in Indonesian mythology. The reason for this can be found in the Araṇyakāṇḍa – the third book of the Rāmāyaṇa epic – in which Sītā becomes fascinated with a beautiful golden deer (‘kidang mas’). Hence, the Javanese consider the deer to be a sacred animal which possesses supernatural powers of attraction. Its graceful appearance is extraordinary indeed. This is why it is said that the deer has the magic ability to enchant one’s mind.

Javanese Deer Skin Amulet

Beside the mystical properties of the deerskin, the amulet also features handwritten inscriptions composed in the ancient Arabic script. The inscription of magical spells was performed whilst at the same time sacred Javanese mantras were uttered repeatedly. Thus, the Javanese deerskin amulet has been properly consecrated, using the authentic methods to empower the taweez with sufficient blessings. The amulet therefore is richly endowed with mystical properties that will drastically improve your love life.

Javanese Deer Skin Amulet inscribed with Handwritten Blessings

Moreover, due to the fact that the magical spells are written in pure saffron ink this contributes to the power of charm, thereby making it relatively easy to attract and seduce members of the opposite sex. In addition, the Javanese deerskin amulet can be used to enchant one’s lover so that he or she will fall helplessly in love with you. Due to the strong effect of the attraction charm, the targeted person cannot stop thinking about you once enchanted by the powerful love spells of the amulet.

Close up of Javanese Deer Skin Amulet

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