Javanese Court Dancer’s Oil (Powerful Love Charm)


The revered dance tradition of Java is world famous for its elegant style and subtle movements. Classic Javanese court dance, or serimpi, is a graceful art indeed. Serimpi is performed by female court dancers. The beautiful court dancers are lead by a traditional gamelan orchestra. The refined movements of the gracefully dancing women can generate enchanting effects. As such, serimpi often is also considered a powerful magic charm.

Javanese Court Dance (Serimpi)

Javanese court dancer’s oil is traditionally used as a perfume. White jasmine flowers are used to produce the subtle fragrance of the essential oil. Also, the natural ingredients of the oil are consecrated by a Javanese dukun. The dukun performed a ritual blessing ceremony to empower the oil with various magic spells to increase its potential powers of attraction, thereby making it an effective love charm.

Javanese Court Dancer's Oil

In addition, the Javanese use the serimpi oil in the washing and anointing ritual of the corpse of a dead relative. It is said, that the Javanese court dancer’s oil soothes the spirit of the deceased person, and thus prevents it the from becoming a wandering ghost or a kuntilanak. For this reason, Indonesians often use this mystical oil for enhancement of ritual magic and spiritual practice. Hence, Javanese court dancer’s oil is a powerful medium for telepathy and astral travel, which can be used to communicate with spirit beings and to maintain a harmonious relationship with the spirit realm. In this way, then, one can pray to the spirits and ask them to help you to make your dreams and desires come true.

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