Javan Spitting Cobra Oil


The cobra snake native to Indonesia, is the Javan spitting cobra (Lat. Naja sputatrix). As the name already suggests, the Javan cobra is an aggressive snake, which, in case it feels threatened, enlarges its hood and starts spitting out venom. The Indonesian cobra is an extremely venomous species, feared for its protective and defensive character. Most animals and humans are instinctively aware of the lethal striking power of the cobra. For this reason, in ancient cultures the cobra was often regarded as a divine creature with supernatural powers, i.e. the mythical nāga creature.

Black Cobra Oil

In traditional Indonesian culture, the cobra thus is considered to be a dangerous animal as well as a powerful spiritual being. Indonesians commonly believe that the cobra is a nature spirit, which guards over lakes, swamps, rivers, and even oceans. As a nature spirit, the nāga can magically transform its body into various shapes and forms, both human and godly. In this context, the mythical serpent is mainly associated with fertility and prosperity. However, it is said, that the nāga also holds the key to hidden treasures. Not only does it possess magic powers to attract wealth and good fortune, it also is the righteous owner and protector of perhaps the greatest treasure of all, namely the tirta amṛta – the elixer of immortality.

Base of Bottle with Black Cobra Oil

Thus, the Javan spitting cobra oil is considered a sacred substance, which is obtained from a powerful nature spirit in the form of an extremely dangerous animal. Obviously, in order to extract the oil, the dukun needs to have great powers of mind. Through practice of semedi (meditation) the shaman directs his mind, with avid unwavering concentration, to the nature spirit to ask its permission to extract the fluid from its body. It is said, that the nāga will only grant permission to the dukun who has a pure heart and abstains from evil. This is because it involves ethical awareness to use such poisonous substance. When it is used in an ethical way, the cobra oil provides strong powers of protection against black magic, jinn, and evil spirits.

Black Cobra Oil from Indonesia

Also, Javan spitting cobra oil is given an additional empowerment to consecrate the sacred substance with additional blessings. These blessings are performed by the dukun in order to enhance the oil’s magical effects which help to attract good luck, wealth, and prosperity. However, whilst performing the consecration ritual, the dukun has not added any additional ingredients to this naturally sacred substance. Hence, the bottle contains 100% pure Javan spitting cobra oil.

Real Black Cobra Oil

This rare and sacred substance is especially recommended for ritual use. For instance, one can use the cobra oil to anoint sacred objects with, enhancing thereby the mystic power of these items. Think of statues, amulets, and talismans featuring images of gods, deities, or saintly figures. The same holds for sacred Islamic geometric designs and patterns. And, of course, it is also very useful for ritual cleansing of one’s pusaka heirloom items, like kerises.

Close up of bottle with Indonesian Cobra Oil

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