Islamic Talisman Set with Love Charm and Attraction Spell


This set of Islamic talismans consists of a bottle of mystical oil and a magic spell in the form of a sacred geometric design. These exclusive items are made by an Islamic mystic from Banten in West Java, Indonesia. He extracted the oil from a mixture of various sacred ingredients, such as magic herbs, holy wood, fragrant flowers, and prayer water. It is said, that the combination of ingredients from which the oil was made induces love and attraction. Also, it uses an ancient magic spell invoking the merciful spirit of Islamic prophets, like Yusuf and Sulaiman, as well as prophet Muhammad’s beloved daughter Siti Fatimah.

Islamic Magic Oil

The Muslim master then performed a traditional consecration ritual to empower the talismans through recitation of the aforementioned invocations. With the permission of Allāh, he successfully completed the lengthy series of empowerments. Thus, the set of Islamic talismans is endowed with the divine magic powers to increase the worshipper’s charm and attraction.

Islamic geometric design

The one who owns such powerful magic items will enjoy a flourishing social life with many good-hearted people surrounding him or her, wherever s/he may travel to. The person will continuously receive blessings of true love and kindness. Moreover, due to the positive vibrations and energies the person emits a bright radiance of love and compassion. Hence, wherever one may go, s/he will always be received as a honored guest.

Close up of sacred islamic spell

Also, the person’s aura of love and compassion keeps dangerous animals, evil spirits, and harmful ghosts at a safe distance. Likewise, with these powerful talismans in one’s possession, one need not fear becoming a victim of black magic.

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