Islamic Shirt featuring Handwritten Spells and Sacred Geometric Designs


A truly unique piece of Muslim clothing for the devout spiritual practitioner of Islamic magic. The white shirt has been consecrated by an Islamic master from Martapura in Kalimantan, Indonesia. There are several handwritten mystic spells on both sides of the shirt. Hence, the shirt is empowered with strong kanuragan qualities to protect the wearer against attacks with various sharp objects (knives, daggers, swords, etc.).

Islamic Shirt with Sacred Geometric Designs

The kind of Islamic magic used in this particular shirt is able to ward off dangers, to protect against black magic, and to keep enemies and thieves away. For this reason, the Muslim shirt is very useful, if not crucial, for those who often find themselves in dangerous circumstances. It is therefore also a popular attribute for the adept practitioner of pencak silat martial arts.

The back of this Islamic Shirt features a powerful geometric design

Apart from the practical purpose of protection, the sacred geometric designs on this shirt serve to instill faith in the supreme power of Allāh. Indeed, the various kinds of handwritten Arabic spells bestow upon the faithful believer profound blessings from his Lord. Whether one is reciting the holy Qur’an, performing the ṣalāt prayers in congregation at the mosque, or doing duʿā prayers by oneself at home, the divine blessings transmitted on the shirt enhance the wearer’s practice of ḏikr through which s/he will be continuously remembering Allāh in one’s heart.

Close up of the front side of the sacred Islamic shirt featuring handwritten spells in Arabic

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