Islamic Rosary made from Gold Akar Bahar Deep-Sea Coral Prayer Beads for Rembrance of Allah


Deep-sea coral or akar bahar is highly valued for its magical and medicinal quality in Indonesia. However, gold coral (Kulamanamana haumeaae) is considered more precious than the other variants (e.g., black, grey, white, and red coral). Not only is gold coral extremely rare, it is generally also very old. Indeed, this type of coral has the remarkable ability to live on seamounts for thousands of years.

Rare and Sacred Akar Bahar Coral Roots Necklace

Also, due to high levels of radium and calcium in its root structure, gold coral remains unharmed by venomous deep-sea creatures and their toxins. Similarly, according the principle of sympathetic magic (which is based on correspondence), akar bahar is believed to have natural healing power and the ability to neutralize evil influences (e.g., black magic, harmful ghosts and spirits). Thus, this prayer necklace is said to have therapeutic effects, which can help the wearer alleviate physical ailments and mental distress.

Indonesian Coral Beads Mala Necklace

The Islamic prayer beads necklace (Arabic: misbaḥah) consists of 99 beads, corresponding to the 99 Names of Allāh. The rosary is divided into three parts or series of beads, which consist of 33 beads each. At the end of each part there is one large bead, signifying the One true God. In this way, the necklace can be used as a tool for remembrance of God (Arabic: ḏikr; or more specifically: tasbīḥ). Whilst reciting holy prayers in praise of God one can keep track of the sacred utterances by counting the beads of the rosary.

Akar Bahar Prayer Beads Necklace

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