Islamic Occult Tube Stash Container


This is authentic Indonesian Islamic occultism at its best; a ritually empowered amulet in the form of a tube stash container for keeping your favorite mystical objects well protected. The sacred brazen talisman has a separate cap with a tiny loop in it, allowing the pendant to be hung unto a necklace. Moreover, due to the classic and stunning Arabic calligraphy on the exterior surface of the high-quality brass tube stash container, this amulet can also be considered a very rare and unique piece of jewelry for both men and women.

Sacred Brazen Tube Stash Container

The Arabic calligraphy features Islamic magic spells for enhanced protection as well as induction of mercy. Neither bad people nor evil spirits can inflict any danger or harm upon the wearer of this occult charm. Indeed, the mystical properties imbued within the amulet will effectively ward off attacks of any assailant, while at the same time it serves to avert any intrusion. Furthermore, the magic qualities infused in the sacred brass will help to boost one’s charisma through the power of enhanced influential speech.

Sacred Brazen Tube Stash Container with Islamic Magic Spells

The cylinder-shaped tube is the perfect container for one’s mystical mustika gemstones, magic scrolls and hand-written paper spells. Hence, with this genuine Islamic occult amulet one will be able to carry them along wherever one may go, thereby always being magically protected and enjoying the mystical benefits of the sacred blessing endowed in the sacred brazen tube stash container.

Occult Tube Stash Container made from Sacred Brass

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