Islamic Occult Bottle and Magic Prayer Booklet with Practical Spells to Overcome Financial Struggles


This Indonesian talismanic set consists of two powerful mystical objects, namely an occult bottle and a magic prayer booklet. Inside the occult bottle there is a piece of yellow paper which has handwritten spells in Arabic on it. The magic power of the sacred incantations is perfectly attuned to those featured in the prayer booklet. The booklet contains a traditional set of practical spells to overcome financial struggles. Thus, the Islamic occult bottle and the magic prayer booklet forms the ultimate combination which offers a quick solution for those who are struggling to keep up with bills and debt repayments.

Islamic Occult Bottle and Magic Prayer Booklet

As already mentioned before, this talismanic set uses the power of ancient Arabic spells. However, this does not necessarily mean that, in order to use the talisman, one needs to be able to read and understand the Arabic language. Due to the fact that these Islamic occult items are made and blessed according authentic Indonesian mystical tradition, the talismans therefore are endowed with auspicious blessings which will improve one’s financial circumstances regardless.

Magic Prayer Booklet with Practical Spells to overcome financial struggles

Yet, of course, chanting the ritual prayers on a daily basis is considered conducive to increased magic power in general. For this reason, then, after having performed the congregational prayers (Arabic: salat), it is recommended to recite the prayers featured in the magic prayer booklet at home. Again, if for some reason one is unable to read the Arabic script, then one need not worry about it; in this case, performance of a sincere prayer (Arabic: du’a) whilst holding the occult bottle in one’s hands will suffice. Indeed, it is the sincerity of one’s intentions which allows the magic to do its work.

Magic Prayer Booklet provided with Sacred Spells

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