Islamic Magical Cloth empowered with the Divine Characteristics of the Prophet Yusuf and 5 Holy Quranic Verses serving Multiple Purposes


The white Islamic magical cloth is an authentic Indonesian amulet, using powerful love spells written in red saffron ink. During the consecration ritual the dukun performed various incantations to invoke the divine characteristics of the Prophet Yūsuf (Joseph, son of Jacob). Thereby the dukun transmitted the prophet’s blessings of love and affection on to the sacred cloth. Due to the magical quality of attraction, the Islamic magical cloth first and foremost is a potent love charm.

Islamic Magical Love Cloth

However, in addition to the adorable features of the Prophet Yūsuf, the sacred cloth also features five holy verses (Arabic āyah) from five different chapters (Arabic: sūrah) of the Noble Qur’ān, namely: (1) sūrah Al-Baqarah: āyah 246; (2) sūrah ‘Āli ‘Imrān: āyah 181; (3) sūrah An-Nisā’: āyah 77; (4) sūrah Al-Mā’idah: āyah 27; and (5) sūrah Ar-Ra’d: āyah 16. Hence, the Islamic magical cloth serves multiple purposes. For instance, if one wishes or intends to get married soon, one should anoint a few drops of magical oil on the cloth and add fresh, fragrant flowers (preferably white jasmine) to it. Next, with the flowers wrapped up in the sacred cloth, one uses it for ritual bathing at midnight, whilst imagining the targeted person to come and propose to you. This process can be repeated as often as necessary, without having to worry about the cloth becoming less powerful.

Islamic Magical Love Cloth empowered with the Divine Characteristics of the Prophet Yusuf

The cloth can also be used for professional purposes (e.g. business success, promotion, salary increase, bonus, etc.). For this particular purpose, the magical cloth needs to be cut in half; one half of the cloth is to be used for making holy water (for consumption in the morning before leaving to work), whereas the other half is used for ritual bathing at midnight. Though in case one aims for immediate sales increase, then, instead of using the other half of the cloth for ritual bathing, it is to placed near or on the goods you want to sell. In addition, when the Islamic cloth is placed inside one’s car or when carried along whilst traveling, it serves as a means of protection which can help avoid traffic accidents.

Islamic Magical Love Cloth featuring Arabic Spells

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