Islamic Khodam Spirit Amulet Box in Sacred Metal — Designed to Protect and Serve


Amulet boxes are seldom seen in the occult scene in Indonesia today. Although this type of amulet used to be relatively easy to find in the past, yet in more recent times it gradually started to become a rarity since there are ever fewer masters who possess sufficient magical skills to summon khodam spirits. Consequently, sacred metal amulet boxes that underwent proper empowerment are immensely popular, not in the least because they are believed to be inhabited by an Islamic mystic spirit. Spiritual entities such as jinn and khodam can play an important role in people’s lives in regard to their personal well-being.

Islamic Khodam Spirit Amulet Box

Sacred metal amulets have inherent qualities of mediumship. When various kinds of metal material are combined, then this is followed by a chemical reaction. However, when a selection of sacred metals is mixed together, there might also occur a metaphysical reaction; i.e. due to extraordinary conditions such as extreme heat (of fire) in combination with enhanced mental focus and concentration (of the master), this allows the magician to channel a khodam spirit through the molten metal substance. After the khodam has been summoned the metal box needs to be sealed, using magical spells to bind the mystic spirit to the amulet.

Islamic Khodam Spirit Amulet Box in Sacred Metal

Only twenty pieces were made in this exclusive edition of sacred amulet boxes. The ritual empowerment of this rare batch was performed during the sacred month of Muharram in 1436 AH (November 2014 CE), i.e. the first month of the Islamic calendar, which Indonesian Muslims consider to be one of the most auspicious times of the year. Each amulet is individually blessed for twenty-eight nights consecutively, thereby consecrating every metal box with an Islamic khodam spirit.

Islamic Khodam Spirit Amulet Box in Sacred Metal – Designed to Protect and Serve

These Indonesian Islamic talismans are specially designed to protect and serve the wearer at all times. In addition, the amulet boxes are endowed with mystical properties of kanuragan and kadigdayaan, which can make a person become invulnerable to sharp objects. Thus, these supernatural powers can help prevent firearm-related injuries and deaths. Also, the sealed content of the metal box contains several handwritten incantations which serve to evade danger, regardless of whether they are caused by either natural (e.g. nature disasters, ill-willed people) or supernatural phenomena (ghosts, demons, etc.).

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