Islamic Cloth with Sacred Geometrical Designs


An authentic Islamic cloth with sacred geometrical designs made and blessed by the Muslim masters from Banten in West Java, Indonesia. The geometric symbols and patterns on this cloth represent some of the most powerful Islamic spells for protection from danger. In this way, the sacred cloth is empowered with manifold qualities of real Islamic magic.

The Islamic geometrical cloth can be worn as a shawl, but it is also possible to hang it on the wall as an important object of focus for ritual worship. The sacred symbols and their mystical powers contain divine blessings to improve the influence of one’s speech, i.e. convincing speech, which can be very useful in solving legal matters, such as court cases, or in important business talks and commercial deals. If used with the right intentions, the powers of this Islamic cloth may also result in an increase of wealth and riches.

Say “Allahu Akbar” three times first, then pick up the cloth with both hands and hold it close to the chest; inhale slowly while focusing the mind, and then ask for Allah’s divine blessings, after which you formulate your wishes. Next, recite Istighfar (‘Astaghfirullahal adhim‘ 3x) and blow your breath onto the cloth in your hands. One then wipes one’s face with both hands holding the cloth. This should be repeated three times.

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