Islamic Amulet Set of Five Magical Oils with Multifunctional Powers providing the Right Conditions for Good Things to Happen


In total there are five flasks contained within this Islamic amulet set. Each bottle is filled with a magical oil serving a particular purpose. The red oil is extracted from saffron; its mystical properties are aimed at love, charm, attraction, and romance. Then there is a bottle with green liquid, which comes from traditional healing herbs that were added to the holy water, thereby promoting good health and well-being. Next, the yellow concoction has genuine Turkish musk oil in it, which brings about a general sense of happiness in regard to one’s social relationships.

Islamic Amulet Set

Resin obtained from a holy tree, along with several other sacred substances, were mixed into the black potion. This special mixture is believed to ward off evil and to repel black magic. Lastly, the blue oil is a mystical blend of blue cypress wood oil and blessed water from the Zamzam Well in the holy city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The magical quality of this particular oil is focused on professional success in the field of business and commerce.

Islamic Potions combined with Holy Zamzam Water

The transparent acrylic block containing the potions is sealed by a geometric design of Arabic spells in order to protect and preserve the efficacy of the mystical objects inside. Indeed, the flasks of oil are not meant to be opened, but rather the talismanic set as a whole is intended to be put at display in one’s work place or at home. In this way the oils’ inherent metaphysical energies will provide the right conditions for good things to happen.

Magical Muslim Oil Bottle Set of Five

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