Threefold Islamic Amulet Set containing Magical Love Potion, Mystical Protection Stone, and Paper Taweez for Success


In total, there are three items included in this Islamic amulet set, namely: (1) a small bottle of magical saffron oil; (2) a folded paper taweez featuring Arabic spells; and (3) a mystical stone from a sacred site. Together they serve as a powerful set of talismans. Each of these ritual objects is thoroughly infused with the power of religious prayer, this is done in such a way that they complement and enhance each other’s strong effects. Hence, due to the clever combination of the potion’s power of love, the taweez‘ quality of success, and the stone’s property of protection, the talismanic set offers multiple benefits to the owner.

Islamic Amulet Set

A suggested method to use the amulets is to bury them under the ground outside of one’s home or workplace, or put them in different places or corners inside of the house or office. Another way to use them is to wear the talismans by keeping them on one’s body in different clothes. For instance, the flask of oil could be stored in the left pocket, and the stone in the right pocket of one’s shirt or trousers; the paper taweez, then, can be kept in one’s wallet, for example.

Muslim Talisman Set

Duʿāʾ for Threefold Islamic Amulet Set

Wa-mā lanā ʾallā natawakkala ʿalā llāhi wa-qad hadānā subulanā wa-la-naṣbiranna ʿalā mā ʾādhaytumūnā wa-ʿalā llāhi fa-l-yatawakkali l-mutawakkilūn


And why should we not put our trust in Allah, seeing that He has guided us in our ways? Surely, we will put up patiently with whatever torment you may inflict upon us, and in Allah let all the trusting put their trust. (Qur’ān 14:12)

Powerful Taweez Set of Three

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