Indonesian Talismanic Waist Belt with Magical Protection Spells


This Indonesian talisman has been made in the form of a traditional Islamic waist belt. The belt has a dark green color, which is considered the traditional color of Islam. As such, green resembles the divine color of paradise. The green colored waist belt is adorned with ancient Islamic calligraphy, which, in this case, consists of several sacred spells and Arabic lettering written in a deep red color. Its powerful magical spells serve as a mystical means for protection and evasion of all sorts of danger, including black magic. Furthermore, the makers of this authentic Indonesian talisman – the renown Islamic mystics from Banten Province in West Java – also performed a ritual blessing to empower the talismanic waist belt with additional incantations, so as to maximize the power and effects of its mystical properties.

Indonesian Talismanic Waist Belt

Due to the practical size and form of the design, the talismanic belt is a very convenient item for everyday wear. And so, wearing the Indonesian talismanic waist belt on a daily basis will protect the wearer at any given time and place. Indeed, the magical spells serve to avoid accidents and prevent situations of danger. Due to the power of the sacred spells used during the consecration ritual, the wearer of the talismanic waist belt will be safe from any harm imposed by others. In fact, anyone – be they ill-willed people, dangerous animals, or even evil ghosts and spirits – inflicting severe harm on the wearer of the talismanic waist belt will soon meet their demise, for indeed, the incantations of the Banten masters will cause any evil plot to backfire.

Indonesian Talismanic Waist Belt with Magical Protection Spells

Thus, this traditional Indonesian Islamic talisman is a popular item among practitioners of martial arts and self-defense methods. This is because the talismanic waist belt is endowed with qualities of kanuragan and kadigdayaan magic, i.e. invulnerability and invincibility. Hence, pencak silat fighters often wear a talismanic waist belt to ward off dangerous attacks and to repel evil.

Indonesian Talismanic Waist Belt with metal buckle

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