Indonesian Talismanic Ring Engraved with Arabic Formulas to Increase Power and Authority


Made from real steel, the Indonesian talismanic ring is engraved with Arabic formulas on the exterior surface. The Arabic formulas are visible both on the outside as well as on the inside of the ring. This, of course, allows the Islamic spells to be in direct contact with the skin when wearing the ring. In this way, the mystical energies imbued within the ring can be directly transmitted onto the person who wears the sacred talisman. Furthermore, the size of the ring is adjustable, which means that it fits all ring sizes.

Indonesian Talismanic Ring

Steel is considered an excellent material for mystical objects in general, for it has the natural quality to attract and absorb magic power. Thus, the Indonesian talismanic ring underwent a consecration ritual so as to charge it with powerful blessings. Various ancient incantations were performed to make the ring an effective talisman for boosting one’s charisma, as well as increasing one’s power and authority.

Indonesian Talismanic Ring Engraved with Arabic Formulas

Hence, the Indonesian talismanic ring is especially useful for people who want to exercise a certain degree of power in order to enhance the quality of their leadership. For this reason, it is a popular talisman among business men, military officials, politicians, etc. Also, the strong magical powers of the talisman do not necessarily require that it is worn as a ring; indeed, it can also be placed in one’s place of business (e.g. office, store, etc.), or, for example, stored in a pocket.

Close up of Indonesian Talismanic Ring

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